October 12, 2019
2 years, 3 months and 16 days since
our Reunion.

Our 50th Reunion was an awesome Success!  The Rose Ballroom at Springfield's was full of happy, smiling, young-looking (we might add) classmates from SHHS's Class of 1969.  So many OLD MEMORIES were shared, so many NEW MEMORIES were made on a beautiful, warm Saturday night in Fullerton :)

The Reunion Committee would like to extend huge, heartfelt hugs and tons of THANKS to all those present who donated so generously during our raffle, to help defray some of our budget overages.  It was an amazing outpouring of support, still can't believe it!  You are all angels!

Over the coming week, we'll add  the sale of custom-designed 50th Reunion t-shirt to this site;  also, we'll be posting a link to our professionally-shot group color photo as well as candids taken by various other folks.  If you've any candids you took, please don't forget to post those.

Make sure you're registered on this site, have provided us with you contact email -- also add a bio for yourself, any photos of you & others in the class, message your classmates too.  With our extra funds donated, we can now extend the life of this site for another 10 years!  So be sure to check in with us periodically, to stay on top of our class activities. You won't want to miss out...

Thanks again, to all who came out, making truly a Night to Remember!!!!

Annie, Karen, Ken, Janet, Steve and Jill
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